handwritten msisEdith Stein (St. Teresa Benedicta) was a Jewish philosopher in Germany who became Catholic in 1922. She became a Carmelite in 1934, but was murdered at Auschwitz. Her feast day is August 9. When her best friend asked why she converted, she never replied…but wrote on a nearby paper, “secretum meum mihi.” (It’s Latin for “my secret is mine.”) She is the patroness for MY SECRET IS MINE – an online spirituality magazine for Catholic women.

Don’t you have a secret too? At work, you never mention faith for fear of being misunderstood. At church, you never mention your work because no one asks.  Friends and family have a rightful place in our hearts, but we struggle to meet their needs. The daily pace never slows. Even though it has been a century since Edith converted, women of faith still struggle to be taken seriously.

At MY SECRET IS MINE, we take you seriously at work, at church, at home and wherever you go! The answers are YOURS – between you and Jesus. Sure, you have to work out your own answers. But we pledge to walk with you in friendship, and build your confidence that the answers can be found in every woman’s life.