About My Secret is Mine

f3691d84f086504b4087d1433341d30cFrazzled trying to juggle the people and priorities God entrusted to you? So are we!

Our patroness, St. Edith Stein had it right — she was an insightful friend, a kick-butt thinker and an energetic employee.  Edith didn’t despair when her career goals were blocked by sexism and ethnic hatred. She buckled down and got to work – and created order out of chaos.  “My secret is mine…” We don’t have to explain everything to everyone! It’s all about Jesus, right? And others might not understand.

But we do. The team behind MY SECRET IS MINE shares inspirational interviews with women who know how to balance a budget and lead a team to victory on many playing fields. Stories of real women who triumphed…and tried harder the next time. Book reviews worth a second look. Bible studies that you will want to share with friends. Career advice with a little prayer mixed in for inspiration. And gorgeous pictures sprinkled with thought-provoking insights from the Bible and saints like our dear Edith.

We want your input – share your secrets with us! We are “beta-testing” this blog all year – give us your thoughts. Help us find what YOU want to read – and share it with other women “of a certain age” looking for a home on the web for women entering their “Titus” years.

CONTENT EDITOR: Kristen McGuire is a writer and editor for both secular and spiritual organizations. Her first book was published in 1994. She is an adjunct professor of theology at the University of Providence in Great Falls, Montana, and Secretum Meum Mihi is her dream come true. She and her husband Daniel have eight children, most of whom are now taxpayers…you’re welcome!



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