My Secret is Mine

f3691d84f086504b4087d1433341d30cFrazzled trying to juggle the people and priorities God entrusted to you?

“Why be Catholic in this day and age?” people ask. And you just sigh. How can we even explain? Our patroness, St. Edith Stein had it right – “My secret is mine…” When a dumbfounded philosophy colleague asked why she converted in 1922 — she wrote, “secretum meum mihi” (“MY SECRET IS MINE”) on a nearby sheet of paper. And refused to say more. It’s all about Jesus, right? And others might not understand.

But we do. The team behind MY SECRET IS MINE shares inspirational interviews with women who know how to balance a budget and lead a team to victory on many playing fields. Stories of real women who triumphed…and tried harder the next time. Book reviews worth a second look. Bible studies that you will want to share with friends. We want your input – share your secrets with us!